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Maximizing crop and animal yield and maintaining a good cashflow is very essential for optimizing the production and distribution of food.

Understanding and applying the strategies needed to allocate resources in times of both scarcity and abundance are decisions that can either establish or destabilize agribusinesses.

This training is designed to empower you with the right informaation with which to be able to allocate right resources at right quantity and quality and at the right time in  order to maximize profit, make more money and scale up production

Meet Our Guest

Unekwu Onuche Ph.D

Unekwu Onuche Ph.D


Dr Onuche Kanayo Unekwu has a Ph.D in Agriculture/Fishery Economics and extension from University of Ibadan. He joined the Faculty of Agriculture, Kogi state University in February, 2007 where he has been teaching a number of sub-graduate, undergraduate and post graduate courses for the past 11 years. He has served in different capacity such as sub-editor of a journal, member post UME screening committee, member University Commercial Farm Feasibility Committee, among others. He has supervised over 22 undergraduates’ projects and a Master’s projects and currently rounding up the supervision of two Master’s projects.

He has also been involved in continuous publication in reputable foreign and local journals/conference proceedings and have attended a number of foreign and local conferences. He has over 35 journal articles and conference proceedings to his credit of which he is the first author in over 60 percent.

A First Class graduate of University of Agricullture Makurdi has participated in two surveys for the World Bank and the Kogi state government, and have also been able to attract 2 grants for studies on Aquaculture Economics. He is a member of the World Aquaculture society.



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